January 6, 2002 § Leave a comment

Roald Hoffmann, who last appeared at the Cornelia Street Café in May in the company of Oliver Sacks and K.C. Cole, starts a brand new monthly Science at the Cornelia St. Cafe series on Sunday January 6, 2002 at 6pm. Featured in the inaugural event will be biologist Lynn Margulis, her son and writer extraordinaire, Dorion Sagan, and musician, writer and philosopher David Rothenberg. Their subject is… “Thermodynamics and the Purpose of Life.”

Have you ever wondered why we are here? Expect the poetic, the unexpected and, last but not least, a new scientific reason for the purpose of life. With music. Just as the difference between high and low pressure masses explains why a tornado swirls into existence, so the difference between hot sun and cold Earth may explain why life behaves as it does.

What on earth these people can do to address this tantalizing subject, remains a mystery. But, we anticipate on January 6th all will be revealed.


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