November 30, 2003 § Leave a comment

In an interview near the end of his life Trane was asked to identify the
person he respected most. He replied “Albert Einstein”. Coltrane’s spiritual quest through music balanced improvisational allusions to Eastern and African symbolic forms with the theory of general relativity and cosmology.

Stephon Alexander, a cosmologist and musician at Stanford, will talk of the relationship between Coltrane’s approach to jazz improvisation and the theory of general relativity and quantum gravity. And he will play a few pieces on sax, some of Trane, as well as Stephon’s own compositions, which explore this connection. He’ll be accompanied by Papa Smurf, a freestyle rapper, and a percussionist.

Storyteller Sharon Glassman was recently asked to investigate the current culture of Einstein in Princeton for Seed Magazine. She’ll debut her upcoming essay — including questions about Einstein’s second violin, extremist fans, and a long-debated Einstein statue-in-progress to be erected in 2005 on E=MC Square.


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