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Clarinetist David Rothenberg, author of THOUSAND MILE SONG: Whale Music in a Sea of Sound, addresses this difficult question with the help of Museum of Natural History whale scientist Sal Cerchio, Princeton whale historian D. Graham Burnett, author of TRYING LEVIATHAN, and illustrious ECM violinist Michelle Makarski and drummer extraordinaire Lukas Ligeti.

Are male humpback whales just singing to get the girls, like birds are supposed to be doing? How come no one has ever seen a female whale show any interest in the song at all? Why do the male whales need to constantly change their songs even though no females are listening? And why was there such an important court case in early nineteenth century New York to determine whether the whale was in fact a fish?

The music will blend whale and human melodies and rhythms together in the manner of Rothenberg’s new CD, WHALE MUSIC.

We secretly hope a future Entertaining Science evening will tackle another question that has long intrigued us, Why do fools fall in love?


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