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What makes one a parent? Love, genetics, giving birth? This is the question at the center of renowned chemist and playwright Carl Djerassi’s newest play TABOOS.

Returning to his scientific roots, Djerassi explores the other side of planning parenthood. When a lesbian couple and an infertile Christian couple each look to have a child, more than biology gets in the way of the idea of the “perfect family.”

TABOOS is a story about the unexpected, and often messy, results that arise when emotions and science collide. Join us for a reading of selected scenes from TABOOS, followed by a lively discussion of science in theatre with playwright Carl Djerassi, director Melissa Maxwell, and Megan Halpern of Redshift Productions.

Carl Djerassi is emeritus professor of chemistry at Stanford University and the recipient of many scientific honors, including the American Chemical Society’s Priestley Medal, the first Wolf Prize in Chemistry, the U.S. National Medal of Science, and the U.S. National Medal of Technology. His literary works, including poems, novels, plays, and memoirs, have been translated into many languages. Among the most widely known of these are Cantor’s Dilemma, The Bourbaki Gambit, Calculus, Phallacy, and Oxygen (co-authored with Roald Hoffmann).


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