June 7, 2009 § Leave a comment


What do a downtown duo exploring unusual acoustic instruments of wind, water, earth and metal, intricate textures, loops and grooves and a chemical engineer have in common. Let’s find out! Pablo Debenedetti of Princeton, an expert on fluids and amorphous solids of all sorts, will co-examine familiar and strange water, in all its life-enhancing properties — chemical, physical, sociological and…musical with the musicians of Lyrebyrd – Katie Down and Matt Darriau. Down, a downtown theatrical sound designer and composer also known for her musical antics in the Ukuladies, plays flute, glass harp and glass objects, steel cello, lithophone, and other assorted sounds. Darriau, of Klezmatics and Paradox Trio fame, is known for his expertise on Bulgarian kaval and gaida, Irish flute, alto sax and clarinets.


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