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The camera never lies – or does it? Or does it tell a greater truth than our eyes alone? Photography has changed the way we see the world. For this evening we have we have one of the world’s leaders in the science of photography in the computational age joining with a photographer whose images have become part of the culture.

Professor Shree K. Nayar, the T. C. Chang Professor of Computer Science at Columbia University, will present his latest work on “Computational Cameras: Redefining the Image”. The computational camera embodies the convergence of the camera and the computer. It uses new optics to select rays from the scene in unusual ways, and an appropriate algorithm to process the selected rays. This ability to manipulate images before they are recorded and process the recorded images before they are presented is a powerful one. It enables us to experience our visual world in rich and compelling ways.

In the second half of the evening noted photographer Jim Moore, who has been photographing the eccentric performing arts for over 30 years will present a sampling of his work and will include photographs from the Oscar winning documentary “Man on Wire” of which Moore was an integral part. A performer himself, his photography was honed when performers he met asked for ‘publicity photos’ for their career moves out of the streets and into theaters. He will also present and discuss his extensive portfolio of clowns. jugglers, ventriloquists, sword swallowers, and other assorted performers.

In a new twist, the scientist and the artist will sit together for 15 minutes of moderated discussion regarding the intersection of their work, with questions from the audience


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