Tinatin Japaridze

August 18, 2010 § Leave a comment


Tinatin Japaridze is a modern global renaissance woman, that rare breed of artist whose talent transcends schisms between spirit and intellect. To wit: “We The Peoples”, a pop anthem adapted from the UN Charter. The biggest problem of introducing Tinatin is a technical one; doing justice to her many facets is a multi-slash process, and choosing the number and placement of those slashes is a tall order.

Looking to minimize /’s ? Go with Writer/Musician. Feeling a bit looser and you can do Singer/Songwriter/Journalist. Once you get there, though, realize she’s actually a Journalist/Radio Personality/Author, since she’s print journalist, broadcasts both as UN Radio Correspondent and post-Soviet pop music DJ, plus writes both fiction and non-fiction novels. Not to mention she penned the #2 Eurovision Ultrahit “Is It True”, named by Financial Times as “Eurovision Song of the Decade”, all the while producing and performing high-charting, Billboard-grabbing music of her own. That brings us up to Journalist/Radio Personality/Author/Pop Star/Singer/Songwriter, at least.

Nationality and citizenship? No easier. Born in Satellite Georgia, raised in Russia, Pop Star in Europe, NYC resident for 6 years–good for minimum another four /’s. Forget prioritizing:  She’ll tell you Music opened the door to Journalism, Journalism opened the door to Politics, and Politics, personal, professional, and spiritual, underpin her Music.

The slashes fail us and the lesson is clear: Tinatin doesn’t just defy categorization, she renders it meaningless. As a lifetime enemy of categories, Cornelia Street Café loves this. She appears Thursday night at 6pm to read, sing and converse, Q&Aing with Billboard’s Chuck Taylor.


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