New Folk City

September 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mike Merenda and Ruth Ungar have been sweethearts since out of College, falling in love on tour with The Mammals, where they learned every edge around oughties folk. Today they tour under the marquee Mike and Ruthy and release great, sweet-sad hudson valley tunes on their homegrown Humble Abode label. Tomorrow night they inaugurate a new fourth-wednesday series at the Cafe: Mike and Ruthy’s Folk City.

“We wanted to do a festival,” Ruthy says with a laugh. “Two hours is a good start.” Whichever the format, their vision for the series was clear–sort of. “Amidst the cabaret and jazz, we want to keep something folky/acoustic/bluegrass/americana/going.” They are committed to all of the above, and won’t be pinned down. “We’re not fond of drawing divisions between genres. It’s not really what we’re about.”

This month’s episode showcases Jefferson Hammer and Nina Violet, and is promised to conclude in a festival-worthy grand finale. “Crazy thing mike and I just realized, we have eleven performers. And we’re trying to have a finale with everyone on stage at once.” Luckily, our stage runs on optimism. “We’re opening with a bang, and it’s going to be awesome.”

Reservations via phone-212/989.9319


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