TC Gardstein

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

T. C. Gardstein is a writer, editor, artist, astrologer, lucid daydreamer, and Brooklyner. She is the author of The Poetry Prostitute (verse), Sandwich Filling (erotic fiction) and Circuit (fiction). Oh, and an astrology blog. And did we mention the children’s books?

How did you come to meet Kat Georges and the Pony contingent?

It was my pleasure to meet Kat this past March at the Small Press Book Fair, at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen. I’d been to this particular fair a few times and was looking forward to showing it to my new boyfriend, Creighton Blinn. This time there were noticeably fewer vendors and customers, but the poetry books at the Three Rooms Press table caught my eye–in particular the ones titled Punk Rock and Slow Dance. As I made my purchases I got into conversation with the vendor, who turned out to be the author of these fine volumes. When I mentioned to Kat that I was a writer and performer, she told me about her reading series at Cornelia St. Cafe.

Had you been to Cornelia Street Cafe before, for music or words?

As it turns out, I’d read there about 5 or 6 years earlier, at a different reading series. I thought the Son of a Pony series had wonderful energy–dare I say “punk rock”?–and it’s definitely a vibrant spot in the local poetry scene. Creighton and I both took the open-mic plunge and survived. Soon after we also did an open mic at a different series at Cornelia St. Cafe  (Hydrogen Juke Box) because Kat was a featured reader. I was blown away by her performance. I thought Creighton read well but that I totally bombed, yet right afterward Kat asked both of us if we’d like to be featured on the same night at Son of a Pony in November. We immediately said yes. That might’ve been the first moment that I realized I had faith we’d still be together 6 months down the road. If we’d broken up between then and now, I’m sure we’d have managed being featured on the same bill, but it might’ve been awkward or sad. Fortunately it will be neither.

From erotic poetry to e-fiction to long verse, do you have a preferred style or medium you like working in most? Does your creative process differ according to the format of your work?

I’m more likely to work out a poem in longhand, in an old small spiral notebook that is falling apart, but if it’s prose, I automatically get on my laptop. For me, writing poetry is like having a fever, all hot and delirious, and it tends to come more fully formed than prose, though there are always exceptions. When I’m writing prose I get more calm and Zen: 3 or 4 hours pass in the blink of an eye. Since I’m usually working on 2 or 3 creative projects at a time, when I’m stagnating on one thing I leave it alone for a while and switch to whichever project has been on the back burner. I write an astrology blog, draw, and am working on a children’s book and a memoir about my 20s, so I have many choices beyond poetry or prose, explicit or not.

What can we look forward to at your reading this week?

A girl’s got to retain some mystery and I think I’ve already revealed more than enough in this interview. Just bring your eyes, your ears, and your open mind as well as some extra cash, for I’ll have copies of my first novel available at a discount. (I obviously can’t sell my erotica eBooks at the reading, but you can visit their website for that.) And be sure to set your cell phones to vibrate.

TC Gardstein appears downstairs Friday, November 19th at 6pm alongside Creighton Blinn.


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