January 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Cornelia Street Cafe continues to extend its reach ever further into the world-wide-web. Last week, to even our own surprise, we successfully broadcast our New Year’s Eve celebration live across the globe via ustream. With this, our homespun TV channel has entered the world. Can CSC radio be too far off? You can also now browse our packed-with-brilliance calendar from the comfort of this selfsame window–no more side-trips to the next tab over (or farther!). This blog also now resides at csc.com alongside the menus, contact infos, and other vital matter. Did we mention you can now make reservations with the click of our new ‘Reservations’ button? And it looks great, thanks to the talented

This month our artist interviews return alongside new forays into the archives, plus facetime with the men and women that make Cornelia run, from kitchen to cabaret. We continue all the while to work on the ways we already reach you, from weekly emails to daily twittering. Of course you’ve still got come down here yourself sometime and catch an edition of Entertaining Science or The Liar Show (or one of our other 698 yearly offerings). Meanwhile you can always email us at corneliastreetcafe@gmail.com, even just to say hi.


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