The Return of Entertaining Science

February 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Roald wants to see if you can spot the famous mathematician in the audience. (Answer below).

Now you can entertain science from the comfort of your seat. Our old friends have a new page here. You’ll find details on the next upcoming show (this Sunday, if you didn’t know!), plus an archive of past shows, not to mention a smattering of glowing and insightful press to savor.

As they will be the first to tell you, Science was “founded in 2002 by Roald Hoffman, professor of chemistry at Cornell Universtiy and Nobel laureate, and today hosted alongside composer Dave Soldier, aka David Sulzer, professor of psychiatry and neurology at Columbia University. Entertaining Science is our chance to place the wonders of science (and its interactions with the arts) on the café scene. Outside the formal setting of a lecture or a symposium, in the company of friends and interested strangers, we refocus on fun, and entertaining people too.  After a break of several months, Entertaining Science is being revived as of Jan 9, 2011, and will occur on the second Sunday of each month.”

Quoting Dr. Sulzer:

With Entertaining Science, you’ve actually got real people there. You can ask questions, converse, and share in a more in-depth look at something truly fascinating there’s rarely the time or context to explore. And whereas Arts & Sciences often are seen as separate endeavors, that wasn’t always the case, and needn’t be today. Mandelbrot on fractals is just as much a matter of Art and is it of Science.” – Dave Soldier/Sulzer, PhD.

Sunday at 6pm you can see author and artist Lauren Redniss present artwork and reporting from her new book Radioactive, the story of Marie and Pierre Curie, alongside a look at the contemporary ramifications of the Curies’ research. She will be joined by radiation oncologist and radiobiologist Dr. Florence Huguet, an assistant professor at the University of Paris where she used to perform her experiments Marie Curie’s laboratory bench. Working this year working at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Florence will speak with Lauren about the contemporary use of radiation in the treatment of cancer, and related topics.

Reservations available as always by visiting or by calling 212/989-9319.


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