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Birds! The creatures of romance and fidelity—and of “feather-brained” giddy impracticality. This Entertaining Science will present both fact and fiction—songs of nightingales, canaries, bobwhites and pigeons, mixed with observations and discoveries on birds’ capacity for learning and memory, and on the changes in the brain that make the learning possible. A sad crow (in song) will segue into thoughts on brain capacities and constraints… and how beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. Finally we will think (and sing) about human memory.

Robin Beckhard (vocalist) has one life as a consultant for a firm involved in leadership development, a second as a cabaret singer, and a third as a frequent migrant between New York and Ithaca.

Paul Greenwood(pianist) has appeared as pianist, musical director and singer in NewYork’s premiere cabaret venues, including The Oak Room at the Algonquin,The Improv and The Metropolitan Room.

Tim DeVoogd (the one not singing or playing the piano) does research on bird brain neurobiology at Cornell, with particular interests in mechanisms of learning and in evolution of capacities for learning.


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