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Athletes and performers conduct mind boggling feats of speed and control, but as natural phenomena, there must be natural explanations. Physicist John Di Bartolo of NYU will discuss how spinning dancers and baseball pitchers take advantage of a physical quantity called angular momentum. The principles of angular momentum govern the movement of systems ranging from those spinning dancers to falling cats to collapsing stars and often yields surprising, counterintuitive results.

The foremost flamenco guitarist in America, Pedro Cortes, will perform a concert with the extraordinary Madrid Gypsy flamenco singer Saray Muñoz, who fortunately for us, is returning for a visit to America the day before our show. Saray is a star in Spain and presently singer for Sara Baras, and previously Joaquin Cortes, the best known contemporary flamenco dancers. Pedro is a master athlete of the ?small muscles? and musician who performs mind boggling feats on the guitar, and is extending the gypsy flamenco tradition in novel ways. They will perform some of the deep ?jondo? tradition, which is rarely heard in New York.


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