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A tale of two Garys whose lives have intersected over a musical instrument.
Nearly all musical virtuosi and athletes learn the fundamentals of their crafts as children. As his 40th birthday approached, NYU psychology professor Gary Marcus decided to try to learn the guitar and investigate the science of how people become musical. He will contrast how musical understanding and skills are developed by children and adults, described in the new book, Guitar Zero.

Then a short concert by one of our great American guitar virtuosi, Gary Lucas. Gary cut his formidable chops with Captain Beefheart, leads the band Gods & Monsters, whose ranks once included Jeff Buckley with whom he co-wrote “Grace” and “Mojo Pin”, and is a Grammy-nominated songwriter and film and TV composer. He has carved out his own take on all the American guitar traditions from deep blues to Chet Atkins to Hendrix and Les Paul. He has an enormous repertoire, and many different instruments to choose from, so the music will be surprising, challenging, and beautiful.


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