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We have two ears, and recordings are played in stereo, but we never hear sounds placed in three dimensions like natural hearing. How can we recapture 3D sound for recordings? And what is the audio computer?
Three pioneers of 3D sound are featured.

Princeton University’s Edgar Choueiri’s recent breakthroughs on greater-than- stereo recording were profiled in the January 28th New Yorker.

Composer David Chesky created Chesky Records and HDtracks to deliver his compositions and those of other artists in Hi Res audio.

Bo Gehring went from being a Hollywood 3D graphics pioneer to developing positional applications of 3D sound from the military to video games to nightclubs.

Listen as all three present the fascinating possibilities of 3D sound from their unique perspectives. And learn about the secret history of 3D sound that runs from Hollywood to the military.


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