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Evolutionary patterns often undergo “explosive” radiation of groups with major differences in form and function, and then within those groups, the origin of many new species with relatively minor changes around those major themes. Joel Cracraft, Curator of Ornithology at the American Museum of Natural History, will discuss the origin of the wonderful, spectacular birds of paradise, as examples. He’ll address how these findings rely on interpretation of the scale of time and space within the fossil record.

The pacing of the fossil record will be reinterpreted by Soldier Kane, a duo of legendary drummer Jonathan Kane and Entertaining Science’s own Dave Soldier. Jonathan Kane co-founded Swans, widely acknowledged as the slowest band in the history of rock music, and for many years was drummer for LaMonte Young, the founder of minimalist music, in his Forever Bad Blues Band. Kane’s current group, February, is often described as “tectonic”. The new duo with Soldier plunders the great American songbook with Jonathan on drums and guitar and Dave on violin, and the concert will feature their reinterpretation of Irving Berlin’s “Blue Skies” about the American bluebird.


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