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Not slow and beyond escargot, the sea snails that Mandë Holford, a chemical biologist at Hunter and Research Associate at The American Museum of Natural History, studies are breaking new ground. These snails prey on fish, worms, and, if you get too close, humans. In a twist of nature, the venoms of these snails are starting to outshine their beautiful shells. Mandë will describe how scientists harness the lethal power of snail venom to develop drugs to treat chronic pain and other ailments. Dan Latham, the great Chef at our own Cornelia Street Café will demonstrate that there is much more to edible snails than the standard fare of escargots drowned in oil and garlic. In a tasting adventure of delectable morsels, you’ll experience the varied ways snails from Thailand to Portugal are prepared and served. Good to the last bite, no snail show is complete without words from Roald, who will share a poem dedicated to Stephen Jay Gould or a royal tale of snail indigo. Drugs, cuisine, and poetry… it’s a snail, snail world!


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