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Evolution by natural selection is a dynamic force; one that has propelled life from a simple molecule swimming in a primordial soup to a great diversity of beings that inhabit land, air, and sea alike. The term evolution itself stems from a notion of ‘opening out’ and ‘unfolding,’ from the Latin evolution.
Experimenting with movement and music, we’ll explore how natural selection—biology’s most elegant of principles —partners with mutation and recombination to produce a great and complex diversity of life. Biologist Maryam Zaringhalam will guide us through her favorite peer-reviewed art-inspired experiment to show us how we can evolve (mediocre) music out of noise, and what that can tell us about the winding, wayward path to our very own origin.

Movement artist Sophia Treanor will partner with Causings—musicians Derek Baron and Adam Gundersheimer—in improvisational performance in which the evolution of a composition from nothingness is visibly and audibly unfolding. Weaving together impulse, rhythm, and the shared experience of the individuals in the room, an intuitive and spontaneous co-creation will emerge, just one of infinite possible forms.


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