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The world is rich with all kinds of sounds — intriguing, pleasant, jarring, transcendent, and even healing! No matter what sounds move you, those of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls and gongs penetrate the deepest levels of both body and mind, to augment healing at the cellular level. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, one of the world’s leading oncologists and an early pioneer in the therapeutic effects of sound meditation, is the author of highly successful books on this topic including “Sounds of Healing,” and “The Healing Power of Sound.” His just released book, “The Gene Therapy Plan – Taking Control of Your Genetic Destiny with Diet and Lifestyle,” already tops Amazon’s best sellers. He will review the correlation between music and the DNA double helix, as well as discuss his work using these instruments as tools for healing with his patients for over 25 years.

In this conversation/demonstration, Dr. Gaynor will be joined by Luana DeAngelis, musician/composer and Founder of, a charity offering a preventative holistic services paradigm for people with cancer. And by Katie Down, a music psychotherapist, sound healer, and composer. She teaches sound meditation workshops using crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, vocal toning, and other deep listening practices throughout the city and internationally.


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