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February 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

An ever-evolving artist since childhood, Tracy Bonham, who will take the stage downstairs on February 3rd at 8:30pm, comes to us refined in technique but wild in sensibility. Trained in classical piano and violin, and reared as a jazz signer, Bonham’s initial rebellion fell tight in step with the Riot Grrl movement of the early 90s and a growing alt-rock presence in and around Boston. She describes her emergence as a songwriter and performer as “primarily against Classical; very three-chord punk.” As she’s grown and matured, she’s at once returned to her roots and brought herself and her sound to new places. Today, technical acumen and learned musicality underpin a freewheeling style that skips between organic rock, gypsy song, and free jazz, with classical hints all around. At home on club stage and stadium, she has appeared as a guest violinist and vocalist with everyone from Aerosmith to Blue Man Group and performed live late-night for Craig, Conan and Jay. She is joined tomorrow night by Eric Mingus on Bass and Catherine Sikora on saxophone.

For a taste, here’s Tracy Bonham performing her hit single “Mother Mother”….

and covering “Earth Died Screaming”


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