Cornelia Comedy Festival Returns

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John Morrison

Two guesses where this picture was taken.

Last year our tenured professor of standup Mr. John Morrison launched the first-ever Cornelia Street Cafe Comedy Festival to great success (at least that’s what he tells us). This week he and his co-conspirators at New York Underground Comedy Festival return to diabolical form with three-nights of one-off comedy, determined to outdo even their own appraisal of success.

Make that two nights, unless you’re lucky and proactive enough to’ve already reserved a seat for John Oliver & Wyatt Cenac‘s now sold-out Monday night show. So let’s talk about Tuesday and Wednesday nights: Tuesday at 830pm we proffer Todd Barry & Friends. I’m sure you know Todd Barry, right? He of multiple Comedy Central Presents presentations, stalwart Louis CK compatriot, and part-time thespian singing backup for Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler? Todd leads off Tuesday night’s show, alongside the hilarious and lovely (rare combination?) Rachel Feinstein and a slew of likeminded Morrison Motel Regulars.

Wednesday night at 830 we fulfill our obligation to old-fashioned civic engagement with Politics: Left, Right, and Wrong. In the Left corner, we bring you superbly funny and esoterically named Myq Kaplan, recently voted too funny for Last Comic Standing. On the Right, for your delight and/or revulsion we present Stephen Kruiser, a Tea Partying animal loosed behind enemy lines in the West Village. They’re joined by still more comedian-geniuses from our stable of comic genius.

Will Toddy barry unassumingly charm you to tears? Will Morrison strangle Kruiser in a bench-clearing backstage brawl? One and only one way to find out. Tickets on sale while they last, call our Semi-Automatic Ticket-Selling Hotline at (212) 989-9319 for reservations. And, while you’re at it, visit the Cafe’s stunning new website at! Alright!

A taste of Todd:


John Oliver Roasts the Underground

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Ostentatiously bohemian INDEED!

Morrison Motel // Celia Sings

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Monday 21 December the one and only John Morrison returns to MC his monthly comedy quickie, hailed by the Post as “one of the City’s best alt-comedy shows.” From Morrison himself on tomorrow night’s comic maestros:

Just named to Comedy Central’s “Hot List” for 2009 and fresh from “Late Night w/David Letterman”, our good friend Kumail Nanjiani returns to celebrate with us… come see for yourself why this funny man will be living in LA and refusing our calls very soon.

When not touring China and the U.S., Moody McCarthy hangs out on “Last Comic Standing” and “Jimmy Kimmel Live”. Joining Moody, fresh from “Live at Gotham”, we’re happy to welcome back Jared Logan. Chicago’s loss is our gain!

Sirius Radio’s Brooke Van Poppelen joins us to share her “NY is Retarded” P.O.V., always a joy… come see for yourself why she was nominated as a 2009 “Emerging Comic” of NYC by ECNY.

Good and great friend of the room Liam McEneaney returns, bubbly as ever. When not hosting his much acclaimed weekly show “Tell Your Friends!” or touring Europe, Liam writes and tells jokes very, very well..

Toss in Motel regular Larry MacPhee and a special surprise guest or two and you have got yourself 90 minutes of fine comedy, fresh baked while you watch. Please, join us if you can for this very special show. We’ll leave the light on for you.
John Morrison, host. Doors at 8:30pm, Cover’s just $10.


For those of you who missed Celia Chavez‘s acoustic enchantment at our Songwriter’s Beat 9th Anniversary event, here’s a golden snippet for your enjoyment.

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