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Entertaining Science November 11, 2012 (backfilled Dec. 2014)
Why do we have music, and what does it do to us? Psychobiologist Harry Witchel reveals the answers. He will relate the science of music to humorous anecdotes from the history of pop culture, to unveil why music makes us feel so good — or why the wrong music makes us feel so bad. He will be joined by cellist Raul Rothblatt (fresh from his gig with the New York Philharmonic) who demonstrates the power that music has.

Dr. Harry Witchel is Discipline Leader in Physiology at the Brighton and Sussex Medical School in the UK.

Raul Rothblatt is a cellist and composer, who has three bands: Kakande, Életfa , and Dallam-Dougou.


Radio Cornelia

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This week we celebrate the inauguration of Cornelia Street Cafe’s new podcast series “Live From Cornelia Street”. Every week we broadcast another new and outstanding recording made from our very own downstairs. Visit this page to access our embedded player or simply click here to subscribe via iTunes. Artists already featured include Tim Berne’s Los Totopos, Tom Rainey Trio, Matthew Brewer Quintet, and Jeff Davis Band. In this way we continue to bring the best of 29 Cornelia Street to our friends everywhere beyond its walls.

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