Hydrogen Jukebox To Debut First Record; Ne’erdowells Believed Partly Responsible

October 25, 2011 § 2 Comments

On Thursday Brant Lyon’s mainstay word & music series Hydrogen Jukebox will release Hydrogen Jukebox with The Ne’erdowells: brain ampin’, inscribing forever in polycarbonite plastic their Café-honed home brew of poetry and live improvisatory music. For over two years Lyon & his compats have come together in our Downstairs alongside ageless vetrans and upstart open-mic astronauts, turning loose planned spontaneity every month like fine-cut spinning tops.  The album is a full-stop studio-made production that, in these words from Mr. Lyon’s latest message to the press, “brims with all the unpredictability and verve of poets performing at Hydro Juke’s live shows, while brilliantly showcasing the talents of the band—Davey Patterson, guitar; Matt Riganese, keys; Mary Noecker, bass; and Ry Pilla, drums—and their uncanny ability to strike the right note in endlessly inventive ways.”

The spoken word, meanwhile, “covers a dizzying array of topics ranging from the dangers of a hyper-digitalized world and virtual reality dystopias, to a neo-Beat groove, gospel-inflected tribute to Langston Hughes and Allen Ginsberg, a punk rock romp through a phantasmagoria of mind-bending images, bittersweet Coney Island reminiscences, and more.” All this intoned by familiar names; the record features work by David Lawton, Jane LeCroy, Peter Carlaftes, Thomas Fucaloro, Karl Roulston, Puma Perl, Brant Lyon, Frank Simone, Robert Gibbons, Jane Ormerod, and Kat Georges, no strangers to our Café and its friends.

Hydro Juke will celebrate the birth of their CD baby at an All-Star Show & Release Party to be held Thursday, October 27th from 6-8pm. Artists featured on the record will present their work alongside ziggurat stacks of freshly shrink-wrapped compact discs, gleaming in anticipation of your embrace. For those who don’t know Brant & his crew, it’ll be top-knotch 101; for longtime fans, surely a happy reunion, and a great chance to directly support work from the artists you cherish.


This Week’s Poetry & Spoken Word: Hydrogen Jukebox, Hannah Tinti, and more

January 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Every Monday we provide the week’s outlook for new poetry and spoken word events at 29 Cornelia Street…

Tuesday, January 5th at 6pm it’s the Cornelia debut of Hydrogen Jukebox, hosted by Brant Lyon with featured poets David Avendano and Moira T. Smith. Tomorrow night they jam with the Hydro Juke improv band, The Ne’er-do-wells. Come early to sign up for the open mic. Cover’s $7 and includes one house drink. Then at 8:30pm, Sherry Weaver hosts Speakeasy: Stories From the Backroom, unscripted and unrehearsed storytelling by Tracy Rowland; John Grady; Melanie Hamlett; Kurt Gerstmann; Margot Leitman; and Faye Lane. $10 cover.

Wednesday, January 6th at 6pm, Mira Ptacin hosts Free Range Readings, courtesy of the Freefrange Nonfiction Reading Series. Wednesday’s installment features Ben Yagoda, author, coauthor or editor of nine books, including “The Art of Fact,” “The Sound on the Page: Style and Voice in Writing” and “About Town: The New Yorker and the World It Made.” Cover’s $7 and include one house drink.

Thursday, January 7th at 6pm is our monthly Artists’ Salon. Food’s on us, drinks on you, joke’s on all of us. Come rub elbows with loved friends, admired strangers and as-yet unmet collaborators.

Friday, January 8th at 6pm is our legendary Friday night open mic series, Son of Pony, hosted by Jackie Sheeler. Friday night’s installment features Ted Jonathan reading from his latest, Bones and Jokes.

Saturday, January 9th at 6pm our underground is graced by a meeting of the Italian-American Writers Association, featuring Angelina Oberdan and Hannah Tinti, founder of the groundbreaking site One Story.

Until next week!

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